Awana SkyWay

Awana SkyWayThe Awana Skyway is one of the most convenient ways to reach the peak of Genting Highlands. The Awana Cable Car operates in between 7:00 am and 11:59 pm and it takes about 10 minutes from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station, which is directly connected to the SkyAvenue Shopping Mall. The cable car also stops at Chin Swee Station, where you can disembark at no extra cost to explore the breathtaking Taoist temple of the same name. Do remember to keep your ticket as it’s required to continue your journey either towards the SkyAvenue or Awana stations.

Awana SkyWay Gondolas

There are two types of gondolas to choose from, both of which offer a bird’s eye view of a 130-million-year-old rainforest as well as numerous attractions and hotels in Genting Highlands. The standard gondola can accommodate up to 10 passengers, while the glass-floor gondola accommodates only 6 passengers. Depends on the situation, You might share the gondola with other passengers too.

The gondolas have louvres to provide ventilation, as well as power outlets in case you need to charge your mobile phones.

A one-way ticket for the standard gondola is priced at RM8 per person, but it is recommended to choose the glass-floor gondola for a more jaw-dropping view of the highlands, which costs RM50 per person. Alternatively, an express boarding pass can be purchased for RM40. Ticketing counters for Awana Skyway are located on Level 2 of the building.

Ticket TypePrice
Standard Gondola (One-way)RM8
Standard Gondola (Return)RM16
Express Standard Gondola (One-way)RM40
Chartered Standard Gondola (One-way)RM300
Glass Floor Gondola (One-way)RM50
Chartered Glass Floor Gondola (One-way)RM500

If you’re planning on staying at one of Genting Highlands’ many hotels, do note that you’re allowed to carry one aircraft-cabin-size bag measuring 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (22in x 14in x 9in) when travelling on the Awana Skyway. Passengers with oversized baggage will be subjected to a surcharge of RM20 per person (one-way). Oversized luggage can be stored at the Baggage Storage Service in Awana SkyWay building for RM5 per bag for 24 hours. You can also store your luggage at KL Sentral Luggage Storage if you are going back to KL Sentral after the Genting Highlands trip.

The gondola is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Please use a foldable wheelchair or stroller, however, as the operator requires the equipment to be folded on board for safety reasons

As the Awana Skyway is a cost-effective method of transportation in Genting Highlands, it can get very packed during weekends and holidays, so head there early to avoid long queues.

Where to Buy Awana SkyWay Tickets

Buy Cable Car Tickets in Awana SkyWay Station

Awana SkyWay is located in the same building as the Awana Bus Terminal. Awana SkyWay is located in Level 2, as well as the ticket counter for the cable car. Passengers are encouraged to use the cable car ticket machine located on the same level to buy the ticket.

Buy Cable Car Tickets Online with KLOOK (QR Code Direct Entry)

  • Skip the long ticketing line and enter directly with the purchased QR Code
  • You can either show the mobile or printed voucher
  • Enjoy the crisp air of the Genting Highlands on a 10-minute gondola cable car ride aboard the Awana SkyWay
  • Fly up in style to the SkyAvenue Station and revel in the breathtaking view of the 130 million-year-old rainforest
  • Disembark at the midway point and explore the Chin Swee Caves Temple and its scenic surroundings
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia

Awana SkyWay

Opening Hours7:00am – 11:59pm
LocationLevel 2 Awana SkyWay Building

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is Awana SkyWay?

It is 2.8 kilometres from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station.

How high does Awana SkyWay take passengers?

The ascent from Awana Station (1,105 metres above sea level) to SkyAvenue Station (1,725 metres above sea level) is 620 metres.

How long is the journey from one end to the other?

The trip from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station takes about 10 minutes.

How many stations are there and can I stop midway?

There are three stations – Awana, Chin Swee and SkyAvenue. You can disembark at Chin Swee station at no extra cost and use the same ticket to continue your journey either to the peak or to the Awana station.

Where can I board the cable car?

Passengers can board at Awana Station, Chin Swee Station and SkyAvenue Station.

What are the operating hours for Awana SkyWay?

The Awana SkyWay will operate 7 days a week from 7:00 am until midnight.

Where can I purchase a ticket?

The Awana SkyWay ticketing counters are located at the Awana Station (Level 4, Awana SkyWay building) and SkyAvenue Station (Level 4, SkyAvenue).

How can I get to Awana SkyWay from SkyAvenue?

You may follow the directional signages to guide you to the SkyAvenue station located on Level 4, SkyAvenue.

How can I get to Awana SkyWay from Awana Bus Terminal?

Once you reach Awana Bus Terminal, you can proceed to Level 4 of the building to board the cable car. There are directional signages to guide you along the way.

How can visitors get to Awana SkyWay from Awana Hotel?

Free shuttle bus service is available from Awana Hotel to Awana SkyWay from 7:00 am until midnight.

How many passengers can fit into a gondola?

Each standard gondola can seat 10 passengers while glass floor gondolas can seat 6 passengers.

How many passengers can Awana SkyWay carry per hour?

Awana SkyWay can carry 3,000 passengers per hour each way.

How fast does the cable car travel?

The gondolas travel at a top speed of 6 metres per second.

How many gondolas are there on Awana SkyWay?

There are 100 gondolas on the line, including 10 which are fitted with glass floors.

How many towers does Awana SkyWay have?

There are 22 towers in total, with the tallest tower standing at 53 metres high.

Can I bring my luggage on the gondola?

Passengers can take along one aircraft cabin size bag per passenger on the gondola. Oversized baggage can be stored at the Baggage Storage Service located at Level 2 of the Awana SkyWay building for RM5 per baggage for 24 hours. Otherwise, a surcharge of RM20 will be imposed for bringing oversized baggage into the cable car per passenger.

How to get to Awana SkyWay from Kuala Lumpur?

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