How to travel from KL Sentral to Melaka (Malacca)?

KL Sentral to MelakaThis article will show you how to get to Melaka from KL Sentral. Melaka (or Malacca in English) is a small historical city located 145km south of Kuala Lumpur. Tourist attractions in Melaka include the Stadthuys, A Famosa, Dutch Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Jonker Street and more.

KL Sentral ➡️ TBS Bus Station ➡️ Melaka
The best way to reach Melaka is to get a train from KL Sentral to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) Bus Station, then book a bus from TBS Bus Station to Melaka city. The bus journey from TBS Bus Station to Melaka is about 2 hours.

Step 1. Get a train from KL Sentral to TBS Bus Station

There are 3 popular ways to travel to the TBS Bus Station, you can read more about it in the article: How to get to TBS from KL Sentral. It is recommended to take the KLIA Transit as it is the fastest means of transport to TBS bus terminal from KL Sentral. The one-way fare from KL Sentral Station to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station is RM6.50 and the total journey is about 13 minutes.

ℹ️ The TBS Bus Station is located next to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT, KTM Komuter Train & KLIA Transit Station (connected via a pedestrian bridge).

Upon arriving at Bandar Tasik Selatan station (by LRT, KTM Komuter Train or KLIA Transit), you will need to walk across the pedestrian bridge that links to the main building of TBS. Escalators are available on the way where climbing up to different levels are necessary. Estimated walking time is about 2 minutes.

Step 2. Get a bus from TBS Bus Station to Melaka

Purchase a ticket from the bus ticket counters in TBS Main Building and you are good to go.

bus kl to melaka

Bus from KL to Melaka (Malacca) is one of the highest frequency routes departing from Kuala Lumpur TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). From morning as early as 7:00 am until 11:00 pm night, almost every 30 minutes, there is a bus leaving TBS for Melaka.

KKKL Express and Transnasional are the two famous brands serving bus from KL to Malacca. Locals prefer the two brands because of their punctuality and high frequency of schedule. Another relatively less famous but quality bus is Delima Express.

The one-way fare for bus from KL to Malacca is around RM 10.00 – RM 13.00 per ticket. The bus journey duration from KL to Malacca is about 2 hours depending on the traffic.

The arrival point in Melaka is at Melaka Sentral. Washroom break will be provided upon request to the driver during the journey.

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What are the Melaka Tours available?

Melaka Day Tour with Attraction Tickets from Kuala Lumpur by KLOOKMelaka tour from Kuala Lumpur

Make the most out of your visit to Malaysia and join this day tour in Melaka from Kuala Lumpur. After exploring the fun and colorful city of Kuala Lumpur, head to the historic city of Melaka, formerly known as Malacca, while riding a comfortable Premier Coach bus. Visit popular tourist attractions including Christ Church, Stadthuys, and St. Paul’s Hill, and be assisted by an English and Chinese-speaking tour guide. This tour also includes a relaxing river cruise along Melaka River and an exciting stop at The Shore Sky Tower for an amazing view of the city! Save yourself the trouble of commuting and join this day tour of Melaka from Kuala Lumpur!

  • Explore Melaka, the historical city near to Kuala Lumpur
  • Beautiful architecture of old ruins and historical buildings
  • Observe the view of Melaka from the Sky Tower and enjoy a relaxing river cruise
  • Visit A’Famosa Portuguese Fortress, St. Peter’s Church, and more…