KL Monorail – The KL City Rail

KL-Monorail-KL-Sentral-Station-Brickfields-MalaysiaThe KL Monorail service is an urban monorail system in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KL Monorail link is 8.6 km long and it has 11 stations. It is one of the components of the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System. Along the journey from KL Sentral station to Titiwangsa station, the KL Monorail connects with the KLIA Transit, KLIA Ekspres, KTM Komuter, Ampang / Sri Petaling line LRT, and Kelana Jaya line LRT train services.

Where is the KL Monorail Station at KL Sentral?

From KL Sentral, go up the double escalator, pass through the NU Sentral shopping mall and you will find the KL Monorail KL Sentral station, which is just next to the mall.


KL Monorail Route Map


Operating hours

Station Opening Hours

Stations are open for travellers from 6 am on Monday to Sunday. On special days, some stations may open earlier.

Station Closing Hours

Closing time for stations varies depending on location. Travellers exiting at stations with its shutters rolled down don’t panic. You may exit at the bypass door as indicated by station staff.

Note: In the event of any approved service extension hours or special-request events, a dedicated train schedule and operation plan will be introduced. This includes all unique operations i.e. Ramadhan operations, where the morning and evening peak hours vary. We advise all travellers to plan their journey well and be aware of the closing hours for the intended exit station.

Operating Hours
First Train6:00 AM
Last Train11:30 PM (from KL Sentral towards Titiwangsa)
11:50 PM (from Titiwangsa to KL Sentral)

Train Frequency


The average time interval for the next train to reach the station is about 5 minutes, 3 minutes for the peak hours and 14 minutes for the late hours.

Monday – Friday

0600-0700 hrs12 min
0700-0900 hrs5 min
0900-1200 hrs7 min
1200-1400 hrs6 min
1400-1630hrs7 min
1630-1900hrs5 min
1900-2100hrs7 min
2100-2200hrs8 min
2200 -2400 hrs12 min
No. of trains9


0600-0700 hrs12 min
0700-1000 hrs8 min
1000-1100 hrs7 min
1100-2000 hrs6 min
2000-2300hrs8 min
2300 -2400 hrs12 min
No. of trains8

Sunday / Public Holiday

0600-0800 hrs12 min
0800-1000 hrs8 min
1000-2000 hrs7 min
2000-2200 hrs8 min
2200-2400hrs12 min
No. of trains7

Quick Info on Tickets

Type of Fares, descriptions, where to buy and how to buy?


You can purchase the Single Journey or Concession Token by cash at the Token Vending Machine (TVM).


Cashless or Stored Value Ticket (Touch N’ Go) can be purchased at the at the Customer Service Office.

Monthly MyRapid Tn’Go Smart 30 can be purchased at the Customer Service Office at any LRT, Monorail, and BRT station. A nominal subscription fee of RM10.00 is charged for the MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly which is valid for 30 consecutive days renewals.

Weekly MyRapid Tn’Go Smart 7 can also be purchased at the Customer Service Office at any LRT, Monorail, and BRT station. A nominal subscription fee of RM2.50 is charged for MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly which is valid for 7 consecutive days.

Concession for Student, OKU or Senior Citizen can be purchased at the Concession Registration Counter located at Pasar Seni Bus Hub.

  • Use the Rail Fare Calculator here.