Skypark Link
is a limited express train service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral) and Subang Airport. It is Malaysia’s second airport rail link service, after the Express Rail Link (KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit).

The service shares the same tracks as the Port Klang Line between KL Sentral and Subang Jaya, however, they diverge after Subang Jaya, with one set of tracks heading towards Subang Airport and the other towards Port Klang. Ordinary Port Klang Line trains stop at all stations between KL Sentral and Subang Jaya, while the Skypark Link runs non-stop between them.

The Skypark Link is operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd. One new station, the Terminal Skypark station, located opposite Subang Airport, is built to serve the line. Two reserve stations were planned between Subang Jaya and Terminal Skypark, but are currently not constructed.

The line is one of the components of the Greater KL/Klang Valley Integrated Transit System.

Skypark Link Route


The 24km Skypark Link commenced operations on 1 May 2018 and runs between KL Sentral and Subang Skypark with a stop in Subang Jaya. In contrast to ordinary Port Klang Line services, after leaving Subang Jaya, the Skypark Link skips all stations between Setia Jaya and Abdullah Hukum, both stations inclusive.

The journey time from KL Sentral to Subang Skypark is 28 minutes.

Operations began 1 May 2018 with free rides available until further notice. Free rides were only provided for trips that begin or end at Terminal Skypark; no free rides were given for trips between KL Sentral and Subang Jaya only.

Skypark Link Train Frequency

There are 13 trips from KL Sentral to Subang Skypark and also 13 return journeys from Subang Skypark to KL Sentral. The trains run on a frequency of between 60 minutes and 180 minutes.

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