Meals Station

Meals Station KL Sentral

Meals Station KL Sentral

Level 1

Meals Station is located opposite to I Love Yoo restaurant in KL Sentral serving Malaysian foods & snacks, like Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Roti Bakar, etc.

KL Sentral Station Directory Level 1

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Meals Station was established in September 2007, aims to become a reputable local delights icon among the offices in Klang Valley. The logo and interior design were inspired by the working group’s meals habits and experience.

The menu was deliberately selected according to the most popular and well accepted Malaysian foods & snacks i.e. Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Roti Bakar, etc. which are all resulted by Malaysia’s rich historical heritage.

The choices of foods & beverage are the most typically requested daily by all races in Malaysia.