Cheapest KLIA Ekspres Tickets to Airports (Purchase Online)

The cheapest KLIA Ekspres Tickets from Airport to Kuala Lumpur City Center and vice versa.

With only 28 minutes to KLIA and 33 minutes to KLIA2, KLIA Ekspres is the fastest train service from KL Sentral (the transportation hub of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to the airport and vice versa.

If you are looking for the cheapest KLIA Ekspres ticket to travel from the airport KLIA/KLIA2 to the Kuala Lumpur city center (KL Sentral), you are at the right place. This article will show you all the common options to book KLIA Ekspres ticket online, and of course, rank them according to the ticket price.

The normal KLIA Ekspres ticket price is RM55.00 per one-way for adults and RM25.00 for children (2 – 12 years old).


The second cheapest train ticket is currently with where you can purchase your KLIA Ekspres ticket for RM48.00. You can save RM7.00 if you purchase your ticket with KLOOK, which is still considered a great saving for budget travelers. KLOOK only sells adult KLIA Ekspres ticket but not children.

KLIA Ekspres Discount Package via KLOOK


The cheapest KLIA Ekspres train ticket is currently with, which is only RM48.50. You can save RM6.50 if you purchase your ticket with Easybook, which is a huge saving for any budget travelers. You can also buy the children ticket at RM22.50 and save RM2.50.

Easybook website

3. Official KLIA Ekspres Website

You can also purchase the KLIA Ekspres ticket via the KLIA Ekspres Official website. It costs RM49.50. Although it is not as cheap as Easybook and KLOOK ticket agents, you can still save 10% of the total ticket price, which is RM5.50. If you are travelling with your children, you should book your tickets here because this is the only place you can book children ticket with a 10% discount.



Alternatively, you can also book the KLIA Ekspres ticket via, an online bus and train booking agent. Book KLIA Ekspres ticket from BusOnlineTicket website will cost you RM50.00, which is a RM5.00 savings. Be aware that there is a 5% processing fees on top of your base ticket fare.


KLIA Ekspres

KLIA Ekspres is a train service that connects Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & KLIA2) to the city. The train service offers the fastest way to travel from the airport to KL Sentral, Malaysia’s largest transit hub located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. (28 minutes to KLIA and 33 minutes to KLIA2)

With a 99.7% on-time performance record, passengers can also enjoy a free porter service (subject on availability), 4G WiFi and onboard Infoscreen featuring news, weather, entertainment, and travel information. KLIA Ekspres service runs daily.

KLIA Ekspres Schedule

First TrainFrom KL Sentral to KLIA / KLIA2From KLIA to KL SentralFrom KLIA2 to KLIA / KL Sentral
Last TrainFrom KL Sentral to KLIA / KLIA2From KLIA to KL SentralFrom KLIA2 to KLIA / KL Sentral

KLIA Ekspres Train Frequency

  • Every 15 minutes – peak hours: Sun to Fri 06:00-09:00 hrs, 16:00-22:00 hrs (approximate)
  • Every 20 minutes – off-peak hours: Sun to Fri 05:00-06:00 hrs, 09:00-16:00 hrs, 22:00-00:00 hrs (approximate); Sat all day
  • Every 30 minutes – after midnight