KL Sentral Station Maps include the KL Sentral Transit Route Map, KL Sentral Station Location, and KL Sentral Floor Directory.

KL Sentral Transit Route Map

When it comes to KL Sentral Station Map, you might be looking for the KL Sentral Integrated Transit map. The map below shows how each commuter and rails are interconnected and at which stations they are linked together. You should plan ahead for an efficient journey so that you can enjoy the most out of your trip around Kuala Lumpur.


Click on the map above to download the complete document.

KL Sentral Station Map

Looking for the exact location for major transit stations like LRT, MRT or KTM? KL Sentral Station map could also be referred to as the KL Sentral map for the main transit stations:

KL Sentral Station Map

KL Sentral Floor Directory


In case you are lost in Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station, you might be also looking for KL Sentral Floor Directory maps, see below:

Kl Sentral Station Directory

KL Sentral Floor Plan – Level 1

KL Sentral Floor Plan – Level 2

KL Sentral Floor Plan – Level 3

KL Sentral Floor Plan – Level 4

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