KLIA Transit – Your Comfort Ride Between KL & Airport

The KLIA Transit ERL train is a rapid transit service designed especially for travellers and airport personnel to travel from Kuala Lumpur city centre to KLIA / KLIA2 airport. The total journey time from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is about 39 minutes. The KLIA Transit train accommodates frequent departure with a frequency of every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. Just like the KLIA Ekspres train service, the KLIA Transit train service shares the same tracks as the KLIA Ekspres, connecting KLIA2 to the KL Sentral station at Kuala Lumpur city centre.


The Siemens Desiro ET 425M EMU has been integrated into the ERL services. It has a maximum speed of 160km/h with onboard features including infotainment systems, Wi-Fi, wheelchair compartments, and baggage racks. Each train will accommodate up to 540 passengers.


There will be a new KLIA Transit timetable effective 14th March 2018. View the new timetable here.

  • Earlier KLIA Transit departure from KLIA2. The first KLIA Transit train from KLIA2 is now at 05:18hrs.
  • Increased frequencies during peak hours on weekdays. Train now departs every 15 minutes during morning and afternoon peak hours.

KLIA Transit Train Times

Whether you are catching a flight or making your daily commute to work, our regular and frequent train departures give you the flexibility to plan your time.

Seat reservation is not required. Boarding is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please allow ample time to reach your destination. Schedules are subject to change.


KLIA Transit train schedule (Click to enlarge)

Airport (KLIA2) to city (KL Sentral)

ERL StationFirst TrainLast Train
Salak Tinggi05280109
Putrajaya & Cyberjaya05360117
Bandar Tasik Selatan05470128
KL Sentral05570138

City (KL Sentral) to airport (KLIA2)

ERL StationFirst TrainLast Train
KL Sentral04330003
Bandar Tasik Selatan04400012
Putrajaya & Cyberjaya04510023
Salak Tinggi05000032


  • Every 15 minutes during peak hours
  • Every 30 minutes during off-peak hours

Journey Duration & Fares

ERL StationDurationAdult / Child Fare (RM)
KLIA239 mins55.00 / 25.00
KLIA35 mins55.00 / 25.00
Salak Tinggi28 mins18.30 / 8.20
Putrajaya & Cyberjaya19 mins14.00 / 6.30
Bandar Tasik Selatan7 mins6.50 / 2.90
KLIA Transit from KL Sentral Station

Return Trip fare is available at twice the one-way fare, except for KL Sentral-KLIA/KLIA2 sector at RM100 (Adult)/RM45 (Child).

Enjoy a 10% discount when you buy your KLIA Transit tickets from the self-service kiosk.

If you are traveling from KL Sentral station, it is advised to take the fastest train to the airportKLIA Ekpres which only takes you 33 minutes. (RM48 one-way ticket)

KLIA Transit TravelCards

If you commute regularly on KLIA Transit between two stations, travel smart and enjoy huge savings with the Monthly or Weekly KLIA Transit TravelCards.

KLIA Transit TravelCards is now available as a Smart Card!

The KLIA Transit TravelCard is now available in the form of a contactless smart card.

  • It is faster, more reliable and more durable. However, like ATM cards and Touch N’ Go cards, the smart cards have sensitive electronic components inside and must be handled with care.
  • The smart card costs RM10 in addition to the TravelCard fare.
  • Weekly TravelCard is available for Putrajaya & Cyberjaya sectors.
  • Lost (physical) TravelCard can be replaced immediately if you have the original receipt but you will have to buy a new smart card to replace the lost card.

Other great benefits of the TravelCard

  • Advanced purchase: For new purchases, you can buy the TravelCard today and choose to activate the card later (maximum 7 days).
  • Advanced repurchase: No need to wait for the TravelCard to expire before repurchasing. You can repurchase earlier, and the validity will simply continue from the previous expiry date.


  • The Monthly TravelCard is valid for travel within 31 days of activation (maximum 44 trips).
  • The Weekly TravelCard is valid for travel within 7 days of activation (maximum 14 trips).
  • The TravelCard is applicable only between stations encoded in your card. Travel to other stations is possible but chargeable at full fare per trip.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Concession Fares


Check-in at KL Sentral, avoid the airport rush


Avoid the airport rush and check in at KL Sentral instead. Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways/Cathay Dragon and Malindo Air provide city centre check-in service which is offered exclusively to KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit passengers. You only need to have a valid train ticket to use the facility.

For flight check-in at KL Sentral, proceed to the KLIA Ekspres Departure Hall, located within the KL City Air Terminal. When you check in your luggage and collect your flight boarding pass at KL Sentral, your luggage will be tagged to your destination and automatically transferred to your flight at KLIA. You are now free to squeeze in last-minute errands or shopping in the city before boarding your train for the airport!

The minimum check-in time is 2 hours before your flight departure time (or 1½ hrs for domestic flights without checked baggage). Please check with your airline directly for counter operation hours and check-in time requirements. Baggage allowance is as per your airline policy.

Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air have their own Ticket Sales Office in the Departure Hall at KL Sentral.

KLIA Transit Alternative – KLIA Ekspres

The KLIA Ekspres performs non-stop train service between the airport (KLIA & KLIA2) and KL Sentral in the Kuala Lumpur city with a total journey time of only 33 minutes, which is the fastest train that travels between KL Sentral and the airports.

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KLIA Express ticket via BusOnlineTicket

Routes available for KLIA Ekspres train:

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3. KLIA Ekspres Official website

You can also save RM5.50 when you buy your KLIA Ekspres tickets through the official website, mobile app or the self-service kiosk.