KL Sentral Luggage Storage / Locker

KL Sentral Luggage Storage Locker

Does the main train station in KL (KL Sentral) have a place to lock up large pieces of luggage?

Despite being banned for security reasons in many countries, Japan is in love with station lockers, and there will be some at pretty much every station you ever visit, even out in the countryside.

And Yes, we have them here in KL Sentral too! KL Sentral is the main transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Outdated information regarding Luggage Storage in KL Sentral

There are several out-dated information you can find on the internet.

Previously, there are several luggage storage options in KL Sentral, but this is not true anymore.

  • Matang luggage which is previously located at Level 2 opposite of KTM Intercity ticket counter no longer available.
  • Madam’s keeper which is previously located at Level 1 opposite of Mc Donalds no longer available.
  • Dr. Locker is the only luggage storage service left in KL Sentral. Available on Level 1 and 2 in KL Sentral.

Dr. Locker Luggage Storage System in KL Sentral

Dr. Locker services are located at several locations on Level 1 and Level 2 in KL Sentral. (See the map below for exact location)

Luggage storage KL Sentral Dr Locker location map

These are automated lockers that are operated based on high-tech facial recognition (camera) and thumbprint.


So, what are the sizes available and how much they cost for a day (24 hours)?

Dr Locker Price Rate per day luggage storage

The lockers are available in three sizes:

SizesLocker Price/fees (per day)
MEDIUM – 2 SizesRM20 or RM30


  • For each payment, the locker’s door will only open twice (2): one for you to deposit or store your belongings, and one for you to collect your belongings.
  • There is no way to check the exact size of the locker until you open them, so be careful that the size of the locker might not be enough.


Dr. Locker Storage on Level 2 near to the escalator to Level 3.


Dr. Locker storage on Level 1 near to the escalator to NU Sentral Mall.

Dr Locker at KL Sentral near to MRT station

More Dr. Locker storages on Level 1 near to the entrance to MRT station (near to Swiss Oven restaurant).

How to use the Dr. Locker luggage storage system?

First, choose your preferred language and select “Deposit” by tapping on the Dr. Locker control panel.

Dr Locker Control Panel

Next, you need to select the available (empty) locker on the screen. Available lockers will be labeled in Green while occupied lockers will be labeled as Red.

Dr Locker Availability

After that, you will then require to take a picture of yourself in front of the built-in camera and scan your thumbprint into the system. Pay the full amount of fees and the locker door will open for you automatically.

scan and confirm your photo with Dr Locker

The steps are pretty straightforward, so don’t worry and follow the detailed instructions on the locker control panel. It will guide you on how to operate them.

However, if you still can’t figure out how to operate the electronic lockers, feel free to reach out the available Dr. Locker’s staff member on Level 2 to help out.

Summary Dr. Locker

KL Sentral Luggage Storage
KL Sentral Luggage Storage

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RM20.00 In stock

Dr. Locker is the only luggage storage available in KL Sentral. The lockers are located at several locations on Level 1 and Level 2 in KL Sentral.

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